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Channeled ET Art

Are You Interested In Connecting With Your Galactic Heritage?

This channeled creative expression is designed to reunite individuals with their cosmic connections. Through the use of my intuition & illustrative abilities, I am able to bring forth an artistic rendition of metaphysical & extraterrestrial energies that seek to connect with the client. My artwork provides a doorway into greater understanding of extraterrestrial consciousness and therefore, allows for the opportunity to integrate this understanding into our lives so that we may forward our own spiritual evolution. For more information, or inquiries regarding custom artwork, use the form on the "contact" page to send me a message.  


I Currently Provide:

A channeled extraterrestrial/metaphysical illustration for $222

A “galactivated” self portrait (digital rendition of yourself) for $333

A channeled illustration OR a self portrait + a one minute animated clip depicting your digital avatar in action for $444.

A channeled illustration +  a self portrait + a one minute animated clip depicting one of two digital avatars in action for $666.

If you wish to see more examples of my art, go to the “Digital Art” page under the “Media” tab.

This process of channeling is extremely multi-dimensional. I never know what energies may come through for me to share and therefore it requires the client to have an open heart & mind to receive the full benefits of what I offer.


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