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The Ultimate Digital Media Package



Media is a powerful way of reaching your audience & sharing your unique self expression with the world. That is why I created this package which is designed to give you a strong social media foundation. Establishing a strong social media foundation allows you to launch your business & the content you create, to the next level. This package not only lays the groundwork for you & but it teaches you how to use the tools & software necessary to expand upon the foundation that this package provides. 

This package includes:

  • Your own website (complete with original artwork & assets)
  • A logo
  • Your own Youtube channel (complete with a intro/outro, youtube banner & profile picture)
  • Assets that can be used across a wide variety of social media platforms (such as instagram, facebook etc)
  • Lessons designed to make you an expert on the software needed to create all of the components mentioned above, in addition to teaching you to use social media in the most effective way. These Lessons will teach how to use (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and more)

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